Tuesday, June 28, 2011


I have in the recent years, seen someone from Hollywood on my blog.
I now wonder if it was Ex.
It never occurred to me that he would read, let alone be interested in my blog.
But.....who knows.
In any event, everything I posted was true and real...however pathetic.
I use this blog as a vent point...and at the very least never mentioned him by name.
He broke my heart so finally, that truthfully faithful, I don't think I can ever repair it.
I don't think I can ever open up the way I did, or trust the way I did, or give so unconditionally as I did.
So if you are reading Ex...you damaged me beyond repair. I hope that gives you some comfort..to know that my ability to love and trust was so warped.
Anyway...I'm alive, well and thank the good Lord for Marc.
Without him I would be bereft and lost. His love and support keeps me going day and night.

Saturday, June 04, 2011

As of now....

I am off for ten days faithful...TEN DAYS....LOL LOL...BWAHAHAHAHAHAHA
Yeah right, it will go faster than shit thru a goose.
Other thing is that the mama duck is still hanging around here. Its unusual for a duck to hang without others...she was here being raped by her paramour for several days. Then she was here with him guarding her while she ate.
I hope she broods in our yard or close to it.
I call her Mama, and when shes here, if I call out "Mama" she comes a waddling.
We are feeding her top quality duckie food...Malto meal cereal..lol

Excuse me about the rainy season

Apparently the NWS has stated that the rainy season started on the 26th due to showers off shore.
We sure aren't getting them here in Davie..