Friday, October 29, 2010

Fall Out Boy....yet again....but gawd they Rock

The Tom Jones experience yet again.......

Live without any lip synching.
God I detest Lip Synching....and Britney Spears and her ilk.....
They have no talent...and the Tom shows them all up....

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Trying my best to deal with whats happenening

But failing miserably...
And being told I'm failing miserably by my loved ones..
No escaping fate here.
I have no pass go free get out of jail free card.
I'm a failure no matter which side of the mattress I wake up on.

Every devout Muslim...who is a true believer

Every member of a true mosque of the true believers needs to stand up and cry out against the atrocities that are being perpetrated against women in the oppressed countries of the world.
It horrifies and sickens me to know the power that those men have over the women in their lives...the control and pain that they can inflict.
Please, the righteous of the Muslim world...stand up against the atrocities being commited...and stand with women like myself who are free and able to speak as I will and live as I will.
Mohammed recoganized the rights of women...why don't these extremists ackowledge that?
Why? Because it would reduce their petty power

Wow...Islam sounds better and better to me with each story I read....

Tehran Court rules 25-year-old woman convicted of adultery must be executed despite pregnancy. Her lawyer hopes to have sentence 'commuted' to lashing
An Iranian court has sentenced two more women to death by stoning, a human rights group reported Thursday, adding the horrific sentence was made worse by the fact that one of the women was pregnant.

Maryam Ghorbanzadeh was recently convicted of adultery and although she is pregnant, was sentenced by an Islamic court to death by stoning.


Iran appears to back down on woman's stoning / AFP

Islamic Republic's embassy in London says Sakineh Mohammadi-Ashtiani will not be stoned to death. Lawyer: She could still be executed by other means
Full story

However, given her condition, there is a chance the sentence would be changed into death by hanging, which is the customary method of execution in Iran.

Her attorney told the media he was trying to have her sentence commuted to lashing, adding that even if her original sentence will remain unchanged, she will not be executed until she delivers.

Held at the Tabriz prison alongside Ghorbanzadeh is Azhar Bakri, 19, who was also sentenced to death by stoning after being convicted of adultery.

Bakri was jailed four years ago after her husband, whom she married at 14, accused her of having an extramarital affair. According to various reports, she has suffered massive abuse by the guards.

The International Committee against Executions, which is run by Iranian expats, vehemently denounced the verdicts and called for the immediate rescindment of all similar death penalties.

The group's data indicated that over the past 13 years, Tehran had to rescind 13 death sentences against women.

The most recent similar death sentence to catch the world media's attention is that of 43-year-old Sakineh Mohammadi Ashtiani, who was convicted of adultery in 2006 and has already received a punishment of 99 lashes.

They had already been punished with 99 lashes each, yet their accuser continued with accusations

My own humble opinion

Is that those who commit atrocities, and call it Jihad...and expect to go to a heaven with all those virgins....
In my humble opinion there are the minions of God/Allah/Yahweh who are just waiting to kick righteous royal ass on those stupid ass idjits who destroy ...
How can you hope for a righteous redemption in a heaven by taking other lives?
The bible says that God is aware of the lowliest sparrow....
Will he ignore the murder of one or a thousand human souls?

Again, please...I am not prejudicial...but....

Any killings in the name of a religion, that is just stone cold wrong.
I have no issue at all with members of religions who advocate peace, and honoring human life...But those who do wrong in the name of God...or Allah, those people are evil...the purest evil I can imagine.

More senseless murder in the name of Islam

AOL News (Oct. 20) -- A radical Islamist sect in northern Nigeria has intensified its anti-government campaign, shooting dead a policeman in the city of Maiduguri -- at least the 13th lawman to be murdered by the group in the past three months, according to local authorities.

Motorcycle-riding gunmen from the Boko Haram movement reportedly killed Inspector Kashim Bukar on Tuesday night as he walked home on the outskirts of the city in northeastern Nigeria, police spokesman Abdullahi Lawan told Agence France-Presse.

This is the latest in a string of audacious attacks launched by the resurgent militant group in recent weeks. Last month, machine-gun-wielding militants burst into a prison in the city of Bauchi -- some 240 miles southwest of Maiduguri -- and freed over 700 inmates, including many jailed sect members.

The rebels have also been linked to the firebombing of a police station in Maiduguri last week, and the assassination of numerous community leaders over recent months. Their victims include the national vice chairman of the All Nigeria People's Party, Alhaji Awana Ali Ngala, who was murdered in his living room Oct. 6. Three days later, Sheikh Bashir Mustapha, a prominent Islamic cleric and critic of Boko Haram, was sprayed with bullets while teaching in his home.

"He would always say, 'Killing people is not religious,'" one of Bashir's student told The New York Times this week. "He would go to the radio station and say that."

This new wave of violence is bad news for Nigeria's embattled President Goodluck Jonathan, who is already battling militants in the oil-rich south. That rebel group, known as the Movement for the Emancipation of the Niger Delta (MEND), is believed to have set off three car bombs in the capital Abuja on Friday, killing 12 people during an independence day parade. MEND, which wants a share of the immense oil wealth generated in its homeland, has also threatened to target Jonathan as he campaigns in the buildup to January's presidential election.

For its part, Boko Haram -- which means "non-Islamic education is sacrilege" in the Hausa language -- wants Islamic law applied across the the vast country, and also demands the outlawing of all Western goods. (Machine guns, apparently, are an exception.)

The sect first blasted its way into the headlines in July 2009, when its bearded fighters attacked a police station in Maiduguri.

That attack triggered riots across the city, and in the subsequent security crackdown some 800 people died, according to Human Rights Watch.

Among the casualties was the sect's leader Mohammed Yusuf, who was shot dead while in police custody. Local people told The New York Times this week that many other suspected Boko Haram figures were also summarily executed by security agencies.

Following that crackdown, the Islamist sect went into hiding. However, its resurgence this summer has led the military to send extra forces to the northeastern state of Borno -- including two attack helicopters. Police now patrol the city of Maiduguri during the day, while the army takes to the streets at night, said The Associated Press. The riding of motorbikes has also been banned in the desert town, in an attempt to dissuade Boko Haram assassins from using their favorite form of transport.

Sponsored Links A self-proclaimed Boko Haram spokesman interviewed on local radio stations last week said that the violence would stop only when imprisoned members of the sect were released and given amnesty, reported Reuters. However, the governor of Borno state has said that there was no possibility of talks being held. "We cannot and we shall never negotiate with criminals who want to be allowed to continue killing innocent individuals," he said, according to Reuters. "No true religion encourages killing of people, and that is what they want."

Nigeria, a nation of some 140 million people, is divided roughly equally between Christians and Muslims. The overwhelming majority of the Muslim population, the largest in sub-Saharan Africa, do not support Boko Haram's views. It is not known how many people are members of the radical sect . However, the extreme poverty and deprivation in Borno state -- one of Nigeria's poorest and most arid regions -- provides Boko Haram's leaders with a large pool of poorly educated potential recruits.

Real money problems and toilet is leaking

Prayers for my situation would be greatly appreciated guys.

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Ok guys..please, this clip. Tom Jones is the voice of all time....

There is no lip synching involved.
There is only pure talent and live performance.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Health care and its failings IMHO

In my hospital, I see the most pertinent part of americans who lack health insurance.
Preventative care.
We get patients, people whom I consider young, in their forties, who are suffering grave effects from untreated diseases such as diabetes and high blood pressure.
If these people were receiving early and timely care, they would not become the gravely ill people I care for every day.
These people do not have health insurance, so as a consequence they do not seek medical care until they are so ill they cannot ignore their health problems any longer.
Because they have been untreated for so long, their hearts, lungs and kidneys are permanently damaged.
My prescription for the damaged health care system? Provide complete coverage for all americans for preventative care. For testing and treatment of the most basic and devastating health issues.
Diabetes, and hypertension.

Why we need a nationalized Health Care Plan for every single American

Lorie Sandoval, 53, is a middle-class wife and mother who had the misfortune of getting seriously sick in the midst of the Great Recession. Her diagnosis: ALS (amyotrophic lateral sclerosis -- Lou Gehrig's disease) is tough enough, but the financial toll it has taken on the Sandoval family's finances is just as severe.

It didn't matter that Lorie had insurance through a Kaiser HMO plan. Deductibles, and uncovered tests and treatments, combined with missed time in the family business have put the family on a financial precipice. As a result, the Sandovals are grappling with greatly reduced income, unpaid bills, the potential loss of their home and no money to get Lorie quality-of-life things like a van with a lift or a hospital bed with side rails so she won't fall in the night.

More Than 100 Medical Visits

As many caregivers can attest, dealing with insurance companies is a full-time job in itself. Kaiser hasn't made the Sandovals' life any easier, husband Leo said. Despite his wife's more than 100 medical visits over three years, he says that Kaiser doctors failed to diagnose Lorie's illness as ALS until it was late-stage. Although there is no cure, early detection can lead to treatments that slow the disease's progression.

At first, the doctors said it was chronic fatigue syndrome that was causing Lorie to feel so tired that she couldn't get off the couch. Then, when she could no longer use her right hand, they diagnosed her with carpal tunnel syndrome.As Lorie's body began aching every time she moved, she went back to the doctor. The diagnosis? Scoliosis. By the time Kaiser finally sent Lorie to a neurologist in Panorama City -- an almost 100-mile round-trip along traffic-congested roads, Lorie's ALS had greatly advanced.

Leo's list of places where Kaiser dropped the ball is long. The insurer wouldn't cover a $3,200 medication that one of its own doctors prescribed. The roster of therapists the Kaiser ALS team provided was six years old and half the practitioners on it were out of business. "Each encounter is like a wrestling match, just trying to deal with them," he said.

Kaiser spokesman Jim Anderson said he couldn't comment on Lorie Sandoval's case, citing patient privacy laws.

A Downward Spiral

Leo said the past few years have been marked by his wife's steady deterioration. "She worked out, ate right -- she even competed in a triathlon," he said. She started to feel more tired a few years ago, but doctors kept minimizing what was ailing her. "We knew something was wrong," Leo said. Last Thanksgiving, "we just did nothing because she couldn't," Leo said. And when it came time to watch their 12-year-old daughter Sadie dance in the community's performance of The Nutcracker last Christmas, "Lorie could barely get there, as much as she wanted to."

While Lorie and her family grapple with such painful decisions like whether she should have a feeding tube and tracheotomy performed, their door and window business has been ravaged by the recession and from Leo's need to take time away from work to care for his wife. Sadie is a good kid who fortunately does homework on her own, he said. But she has also felt the pressure.

Dancing is terribly important to Sadie, which is why Leo had to steel himself last month when he needed to approach her studio, Dance Star Studio in Malibu, and ask for a payment plan. "I was ready to offer to barter, you know, make props or build the sets or something." But the dance studio director Charissa Seaman cut him off at the pass and told him his money wasn't good there anymore. "Just send her," he related.

The leading organizations that raise money for ALS and muscular dystrophy spend most of what they raise on research and administration. Very little is doled out to victims of the disease who are struggling to adapt their homes and lifestyles to accommodate their new-found disabilities, Leo said. He balked when one of these groups asked his wife to personally go to the local supermarket manager and thank him for putting a collection can by the checkout line. "They were more than happy to use Lorie, but unwilling to provide any assistance," Leo said.

A Community Comes Together

Yet, there have been some bright spots. Malibu, where the Sandovals live, has rallied around the family in an awe-inspiring way. A friend of Sadie's told her parents she wanted to forgo a birthday celebration and instead donate the money to Sadie's family. Friends have pitched in with rides, and even strangers have helped out. "There was one Sunday when someone I don't even know came by to walk my dogs," said Leo.

A group of five families insisted that he let them take over his utility bills, and the landlord for his office let him off the hook on the lease when he moved his business to his house to save money for Lorie's care.

The community's charitable spirit has culminated into a large celebrity-studded fundraiser, which is planned for this Friday night. Actress Leslie-Ann Down picked up the check for the location rental fee and David Spade has donated $1,000. Even Malibu's most-reclusive resident, Barbra Streisand, donated a leather laptop case for auction. And rocker Rick Springfield donated a signed guitar for auction. There are show taping tickets and a cast meet-and-greet for Melissa and Joey, and Wizards of Waverly Place, plus Justin Bieber concert tickets. The event photographer is Richard Dean Anderson, better known as MacGyver. Word has spread grassroots-style, neighbor-to-neighbor. And some of those neighbors just happen to be celebrities.

Leo is uncomfortable in the limelight. He grew up believing that you kept your business to yourself. "You don't put your garbage in someone else's trash can," he said. Still, he knows he needs help to keep his house and care for his family. Thus far, he's paid $15,000 out-of-pocket to build a wheelchair ramp and still hopes to buy a van with a lift to make it easier to transport his wife. His goal is to hire a caregiver from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. to allow him to return to work and become more involved with his daughter.

Contributions may be sent to the Lorie Sandoval Family Foundation, P.O. Box 2122, Malibu, CA. 90265. For more information on how to place an auction bid, e-mail

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

I am NOT...prejudiced...I have NO problem with Islam

Except the way it is practiced by ignorant assholes like these people...who were led by the girls family to stone her to death because she DISHONORED them.
Wow...sounds like a male macho bullshit reason to do something.
Sounds like the reasoning used by Gangs here in the USA ..they wuz disrespected...
God don't they realize what they are doing?
Obviously not.
And this is the religion of peace? The religon that wants to build a Mosque at Ground Zero?

Dua...stoned to death at 17 for honor, Muslim honor.

So Islam is the religion of peace?

Paula...reminds me of Wilma...and that ain't good!