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I like this...the big cheese experiencing what the lil cheese goes thru...finally.

Choice Hotel's Undercover Boss Sweats the Hospitality Business
By Lisa Johnson Mandell, Posted Sep 24th 2010 @ 7:05AM
Steve Joyce is by no means a mama's boy, but he couldn't help thinking of his mother when the CEO of Choice Hotels International went undercover. "Mom spent her entire life helping other people, both personally and professionally, and she taught me to do the same" he said. "When I worked with some of our employees, saw what they'd been through and what they were still doing for others, I realized I wasn't living up to the standards my mother set for me."

And so begins the second season of the Emmy-nominated 'Undercover Boss,' The story employees were told this season was that Joyce and another contestant were competing for the same job for a reality TV show. To hide his identity, Joyce shaved the mustache he'd had since he was a teenager, moussed his hair, wore strange clothes selected for him by a dress-down wardrobe specialist, and tried his hand at some of the most grueling tasks in the hotel industry. He admits it wasn't pretty. "I sweat a lot," he confessed.

Who wouldn't, when you're at an EconoLodge in Orlando, Fla., in 90-degree, humid heat, cleaning a pool and a toilet and hoofing it across the grounds of the largest facility in the Choice Hotels Group? That's where Joyce labored side-by-side with Ricardo, who had been with the company full time for seven years, and had a second job, in order to make ends meet and keep his son in medical school.

Ricardo mentioned that the hotel wasn't in the same pristine shape it was 25 years ago when it first opened, and Joyce observed so many problems that in the end, he called in the general manager, instructed him to fix the place up, and bought a golf cart for Ricardo so he could get around faster. But he wasn't finished. He also expanded the Choice Hotels scholarship program so that it could cover Ricardo's son, who now has medical school school paid for.

Working up a sweat
Joyce also worked up a sweat trying to clean an entire hotel room in 28 minutes. "It took me more like 47 minutes," he said. "With such high standards of cleanliness, it's really tough." Christine, the housekeeping expert with whom he worked admitted that it isn't easy and that it takes its toll, especially on her family, for whom she couldn't provide as much as she'd like. Still, when she saw what a tough time Joyce was having with the experience, she said, "He needs to go to house keeping boot camp.

"The whole experience inspired me to get back to the gym more often, among other things," Joyce added. Those other things included giving Christine and her family an all-expenses paid trip to Orlando, and enabling her to take classes at Choice's online university, so she would be qualified to manage an entire hotel, instead of just the housekeeping aspects. By the time the show aired, she'd taken the classes and received the promotion.

Although his next assignment might not have been as physically demanding, Joyce was also in a lather making sales calls for Cambria Suites near Indianapolis. Joyce was going by his father's name, Jack, but became so flustered he used his real name, Steve -- and thankfully his trainer didn't call him on it. Joyce was surprised to learn that John, the director of sales who was instructing him had only been on the job for a little over two months, but had already developed outstanding expertise, contacts and relationships.

Joyce wanted a sharp guy like that on his international sales team, and arranged for training for John so that he would receive that major promotion as soon as possible. Joyce also noticed that John was a snappy dresser, and gave him $5,000 to use on a new wardrobe that would suit his new position.

Not what he expected
The last thing he anticipated after that was to spend the night in one of his company's own rooms, and find it unsatisfactory. At the Suburban Extended Stay Hotel in Indianapolis, he observed that the kitchen wasn't as tidy as he'd like it, nor as well stocked. He even had to go down to the front desk and pay for coffee! In another hotel, he was stuck in an elevator for more than ten minutes. When he reported these flaws to his board, they were stunned. Since Choice franchises its facilities, they don't have complete control over them all, but they vowed to do as much as they could to make sure guests are as comfortable as possible.

Last but not least, Joyce was flustered to find that Brandalyn, the nighttime front desk clerk at the Comfort Suites in Fishers, Ind., not only had to make an accurate count of the day's intake (which he was not able to do--he was almost $100 short!), but had to fold towels in the laundry room, clean the pool area and do other maintenance because she was the only employee on duty at night.

Brandalyn told him that her fiance had been laid off, so their family was living at home with his father-in-law. She would like to move into management, but was unaware of the extensive online university the company has developed to help her with these goals. Joyce was stunned to learn that employees are not being made aware of all the opportunities the company provides.

"The goal was to not just help the individuals I worked with, but to create and instill policies company-wide that would help all the others who are in the same position," said Joyce. But of course, he reached out to Brandalyn's family as well. He arranged to pay their rent for six months, so they could have a home of their own, and gave the family an all-expenses paid trip to San Antonio, which they used for their wedding.

The three H's
And for watching, Joyce likes to think he's providing 'Undercover Boss' viewers with "the three H's: humor, humiliation and heart." He's not worried that much of the humor and humiliation come at his own expense. His two daughters, ages 14 and 19, are accustomed to their dad's sense of humor, and revel in the advice-giving roles they get to play on the show.

In addition, Joyce tries to make laughter a part of the corporate culture at Choice Hotels. "That's my reputation in the industry, and my industry colleagues won't be too surprised to find me in humorous situations." he said. And his colleagues are legion -- he's been involved in the restaurant/hospitality industry since he was 12. That's how he put himself through the University of Virginia, and funded graduate work at Cornell, Wharton and the Aspen Institute.

Joyce has certainly seen the hotel industry's ups and downs, and acknowledges that it, like almost everything else, has taken a big hit over the past couple of years. He says his industry has suffered a one-two punch, because individuals who have lost their jobs or suffered reduced salaries naturally cut back on vacations, and struggling companies keep business travel at a minimum. "Then the government talks about boycotting travel to certain areas, and that hurts our industry as well," he added.

"But we had a good summer, which indicates that business is improving, and employment in our industry is on the rise," Joyce said. "My hope in being on 'Undercover Boss' is that people get an appreciation for what our people do for them on the front lines to try to make their stays comfortable."

And if that involves a little (or a lot of) sweat equity on his part, he believes it's worth it. His mother would be proud.

Oh yeah...reading spuffy leads to evil thoughts

Oh yeah...they were hot...and the writers completely lost track of the show and the fans..

I have a teen, this is a huge fear of mine

AOL News Surge Desk (Sept. 27) -- Sending text messages while driving was the culprit in the deaths of an estimated 16,000 people from 2001 to 2007. Even more sobering, researchers warn that fatalities have shot up significantly since 2005.

An analysis of federal data data on road fatalities, published this week in the American Journal of Public Health, concluded that deaths due to "distracted driving" surged from 4,572 in 2005 to 5,870 in 2008. That's a 28 percent increase in three years.

Many of the deaths involved collisions with roadside objects, as drivers typing on their cell phones veer off-track and into poles, traffic lights or other items.

"Distracted driving is a growing public safety hazard," the study reads. "Specifically, the dramatic rise in texting volume since 2005 appeared to be contributing to an alarming rise in distracted driving fatalities."

Thirty states now have legislation enacted to prohibit texting while driving, but anecdotal evidence suggests the bans often go unenforced.

"We're back where we were when we started going after drunk drivers," Secretary of Transportation Ray LaHood said during this year's Distracted Driving Summit in Washington.

Not to mention that while it might be easier for a police officer to spot a driver talking on the phone in states with hands-free mandates, it's tougher to catch them leaning over to type out a text message.

And as Linda Stamato at points out, car companies aren't exactly keeping the risks of distracted driving in mind when designing their next-generation vehicles.

Ford, for example, is already rolling out Twitter and Pandora apps as part of a dashboard console entertainment "hub" that also seems like a recipe for distracted disaster.

"Distracted driving has reached epidemic proportion. It is a disease that we can control," Stamato writes. "We need to strengthen laws and beef up enforcement. We need to encourage better driving practices, in all contexts, by all age groups."

They aren't Mormon...

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An idol of a different genre...

My sister was named after one of his songs...
Conway Twitty...

Conway Twitty

Sexiest voice inside the sexiest man alive...oh yes...

Its Tom Jones folks....hands down, no doubt...
And the man has been married forever, faithful and true...
OK..MAYBE not sexier than Spike...but damn sexy nonetheless

Send her Illegal ass back to Kenya...

A typical example of the problem with illegal immigrants.
Stay here illegally then live on public assistance.
Screw her, send her back to Kenya...

Obama's Aunt: US Obligated to Make Me a
David Knowles

AOL News Surge Desk (Sept. 21) -- As Congress prepares to re-initiate the stalled immigration reform debate this week, one very personal immigration issue looks poised to hit the president close to home.

President Barack Obama's aunt, Zeituni Onyango, says she's done nothing wrong by illegally living in the United States for years and is therefore deserving of amnesty.

"If I come as an immigrant, you have the obligation to make me a citizen," Onyango, 58, told Boston's WBZ news.

In her first interview since Obama was elected president, Onyango described how she came to America in 2000 from her native Kenya, fell ill and was hospitalized. Upon her release, Onyango told WBZ, she was out of money. So rather than return to her homeland, she continued to live in the country in violation of immigration laws.

Sponsored Links After stints in a Boston homeless shelter, Onyango was eventually put in public housing and began receiving disability payments. In 2004, an immigration judge ordered her to leave the country, but Onyango remained. However, she noted that her story was less about intentionally flouting federal immigration policy and more about its ineffectiveness.

"I didn't take advantage of the system," Onyango said. "The system took advantage of me."

Onyango says that she received no help from Obama as her case was reviewed by Judge Leonard Shapiro, who ruled in May that Onyango could remain in the United States.

Pic says it all

Monday, September 20, 2010

The horrific truth of the magic of childbirth....

And the spectre of hunger overlying it all..women suffer, children suffer.
Does anyone care? It seems like in this country all people care about is the ridiculous politics of pro life anti abortion.
The reality of the world is that women die every day in mass numbers...and that people go hungry, that children go hungry.
Abortion is not the issue dear fools...the real issues are life and death for REAL..real women, real births, real children...
Not your idealism.
Shelf your abortion crap...abortion is an individual womans choice...ignoring the dying and starving is a hypocrisy that Jesus likely won't appreciate.

AOL News NEW YORK (Sept. 20) -- Ticktock, ticktock ... an inexorable beat began at 9 this morning in the heart of Times Square, a grim reminder of the hundreds of thousands of women who die each year from complications of childbirth.

The digital billboard clock, set up by Amnesty International, will tick for three days while world leaders at the United Nations renew their commitments to fulfill the most basic needs of people around the world: food, water, basic health care and sanitation.

U.N. Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon speaks at the opening of the Millennium Development Goals summit Monday in New York City. Nearly 140 world leaders will attend the three-day summit on ending global poverty, hunger and disease within the next five years."This is to remind leaders of the urgency of the issues and urge them make concrete decisions," said Jason Disterhoft, a human rights campaigner at Amnesty International.

"We're also trying to get people involved because these decisions are too important to be left to officials at the United Nations and national governments," he said.

Activists wearing bright yellow T-shirts with the words "Every Minute a Woman Dies Giving Birth" walked around Broadway this morning. According to this calculation, which is based on previous U.N. estimates, the clock will tally nearly 3,700 deaths at the end of three days.

In its most recent assessment, however, the U.N. reported a 34 percent decline in the maternal mortality rate between 1990 and 2008. According to this estimate, 1,000 pregnant women die every day.

Maternal health is one of the eight "Millennium Development Goals," or MDG, being reviewed at a U.N. summit. The goals include halving the number of people living in abject poverty, achieving universal education and cleaning up the environment.

"There is more to do for the mother who watches her children go to bed hungry -- a scandal played out a billion times each and every night," U.N. Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon told more than 140 heads of state and government.

"The reports we have put before you are filled with statistics, analysis and recommendations -- everything we need for effective policies and programs," Ban said. "We have led you to the river ... so what are we asking of you today ... [is] to stay true ... true to your commitment to end the dehumanizing conditions of extreme poverty."

In a draft resolution, world leaders agreed their nations should promote sustainable development; adopt policies that benefit the poor; invest in health, education, clean water and sanitation; reduce inequality; address climate change; and give more attention to Africa.

Ahead of the MDG summit, the U.N. Food and Agriculture Organization, or FAO, released new figures indicating the number of people who will suffer chronic hunger this year is 925 million, down by 98 million from 1.023 billion in 2009.

"But with a child dying every six seconds because of undernourishment-related problems, hunger remains the world's largest tragedy and scandal," said Jacques Diouf, head of the FAO. "This is absolutely unacceptable."

Several speakers today pointed out that the financial crisis and food prices, coupled with high domestic food prices, caused a rise in hunger and malnutrition between 2007 and 2009.

"We have lost years of progress and the momentum has been derailed," said Dominique Strauss-Kahn, head of the International Monetary Fund. "As a result, about 70 million fewer people will have escaped from the chains of poverty by 2020 ... and many millions more will suffer consequences and prolonged unemployment and underemployment."

Sponsored LinksStrauss-Khan said studies conducted by the IMF and World Bank showed that cooperation between the world's major economies could boost world growth by 2 1/2 percentage points over five years, create 30 million new jobs and lift 33 million people out of poverty.

"The advanced economies, and indeed the leading emerging economies, should focus first and foremost on securing global recovery and getting the growth engine up and running again," she said.

President Barack Obama will speak Wednesday at the MDG summit. His appearance will follow a recent report by the Census Bureau, which found that almost 44 million Americans -- one in seven – are living in poverty.

Oh Spike to the N'nth power!!!!

Oh Spike!!!!!


These express my sentiments

Friday, September 17, 2010

This children, is the magic of the Internet

This is a song, a group that my lil one adores.
This is a magic that happens because of the internet. The group hasn't been huge on the radio, but the net has made an audience for them/him.
All you need to do to realize the power of the internet is to watch the video, and watch the young ladies in the audience who are silently mouthing/singing along with him.
The net has become a most powerful tool..and I LOVE IT..
I listen to music Lil one listens to..and so much of it is GOOD...

Wednesday, September 08, 2010

The opening scenes of Scary Movie 2

If this doesn't make you laugh...there is something SERIOUSLY wrong with

Some clips from White of my favorite movies of all time.

Now a new system that form with scary rapidity...

Igor...or as they said in Young Frankenstein...Eyegore...LOL...thats the phonetic

Thursday, September 02, 2010

In my opinion, this guy is so full of crap its not even funny.......

So this guy files frivolous lawsuits based on his premise that men are second class citizens, and need protection from women , specifically feminists.
He obviously didn't grow up in the same world that the rest of us did..'d think a guy who has such a wonderful opinion of himself and his legal adventures would be able to correctly spell "believe"
This is a direct select and copy and paste from his (Roy Hollander's) website, so the misspelling was all his own.
Wonder why he dislikes women so much????
Read each case, they are the cases he personally brought against so called mens rights violations.
Again, this is all just my humble opinion...

Now is the time for all good men to fight for their rights before they have no rights left.


Lady Judge throws case into the street. She ruled that under the U.S. Constitution, nightclubs can charge men more for admission than females, but as a result cannot charge guys more for a drink. So if you can make it to the bar, you're home-free.

Currently on appeal in the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit.

Clinton Judge rules the Violence Against Women Act doesn't injure American men. Judge Willaim H. Pauley III's decision ignored the democratic and legal standard of fairness, applied the wrong legal test for injury on a dismissal motion, and invented a fact not before the Court. VAWA allows alien females to acquire citizenship by falsely accusing their American husbands, or ex-husbands, of mistreatment. The Federal Government uses proceedings kept secret from the U.S. citizen to find that he committed "battery," "extreme cruelty," or an "overall pattern of violence" even when no violence has occurred.

U.S. Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit denied the appeal. VAWA keeps secret from U.S. citizens the proceedings that find a citizen husband abused his alien wife. Since VAWA secrecy prevented the plaintiffs from finding out what happened in the proceedings or how the behind closed-door fact-findings were used against them, the Second Circuit dismissed their complaint as "speculative." The powerful often use a Catch-22 as a last resort.

U.S. Supreme Court denied the Petition for Certiorari. The case is over, and it's clear that to the courts men just don't count.

Federal lawsuit to find that Columbia University violates Title IX and the Equal Protection clause of the U.S. Constitution by offering a Women's Studies program but not a Men's Studies program, and that N.Y. State and the Federal Government aid Columbia's preaching of the religious belief system "Feminism." Judge Lewis A. Kaplan dismissed the case saying "Feminism is no more a religion than physics," basically ignored the Title IX and Equal Protection claims, and called the case "absurd."

U.S. Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit denied the appeal. The Court ruled that any harm caused guys by the lack of a Men's Studies Program was "speculative." Strange that the federal courts don't say the same about the lack of a girls' sports team when a college only has a guys' team. Apparently the law is adjudicated one way for girls and another way for guys.

I beleive the trilogy of lawsuits that I brought in favor of men's rights makes clear that there are now two classes of people in America: one of princesses--females, and the other of servants--males. Governments, from local to state to federal, treat men as second class citizens whose rights can be violated with impunity when it benefits females.

"[H]istory shows that people have a way of not being willing to bear oppressive grievances without protest. Such protests, when bottomed upon facts, lead almost inevitably to an irresistible popular demand for either a redress of those grievances or a change in the Government. Communist Party v. Subversive Activities Control Bd., 367 U.S. 1, 167 (Justice Black dissenting).

The train keeps a rolling......

Gastons track is very worriesome....we won't know for several days yet whether the westward track will continue or if the curve north will occur.

Wednesday, September 01, 2010

New Toy!!!!!

Got a new Dell Inspiron....
My desktop keeps turning itself off. It was fried during a bad thunderstorm several months back, and even after replacing the power supply, will work for about half hr then crash.
So yeah, couldn't afford it......
Also got Marc one for his here we sit at the dining room table across from each other with our new
Too cool!!!!