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These people give rich a bad name

I worry ever single fucking day about paying bills.
This woman needs to get a clue, and the painfully rich need to have a serious reality check. And her excuse for the amount of alimony?
Join my world where we have just enough to pay bills and survive.
No luxury vacations, no servants, no nada...
Selfish self serving ASSHOLES...those who inherit money and never have to work a damn day in their life
I started working at 16 as a nurses aide.
3.21 per hr to wipe asses...
Cry me a river Jacqui, Cry me a effin river.
Your bed cost one million dollars????
My bed is the bed I bought with my ex 18 yrs ago for 1800$
I can't afford to replace it, and Marc most graciously sleeps with me in it.
Anyone who pays 30 million for a home and a million dollars for a bed is totally clueless about reality and what money can do...really do.
Pathetic wankers.

Billionaire heir Peter Getty and wife Jacqui (née de La Fontaine) are splitting in what The Daily Beast calls "one of the ugliest divorce cases Los Angeles has seen in years" -- which, considering the tumultuous and scandalous love lives of Hollywood, is saying a lot.

Peter, the grandson of billionaire oilman John Paul Getty and heir to an estimated $2 billion fortune, faces allegations of adultery, cocaine use and Internet porn addiction in the messy divorce. His estranged wife, Jacqui, is gunning for $300,000 per month for her expenses and $200,000 in pocket money. (To put things in perspective: The couple shared a brand-new $30 million San Francisco home -- complete with a bed that cost $1 million.)

"We had a lifestyle that I am certain is beyond what most people could imagine or will ever be able to enjoy," Jacqui said in court. "But as I was told, that was 'just the way it is' when your name is Getty."

Jacqui is a stylist and costume designer who worked with Wes Anderson on 'The Darjeeling Limited.' Her daughter, Gia, 23, was conceived during her marriage to Francis Ford Coppola's son Gio, who died before the child's birth. Peter met Jacqui during Gia's childhood and treated the girl like a daughter.

Jacqui wrote in court documents that Peter was physically abusive, choking her and breaking her arm during a drug-fueled rage in 2008. "He told me, 'I could kill you and get away with it.'"

Peter has admitted cocaine use in court. Jacqui struggled with a Vicodin addiction herself after back surgery, but sought help and kicked the habit. Failed attempts to get her husband to seek help culminated in Jacqui leaving. "When she left, she thought the family would step in and say, 'OK, go to rehab' and they'd get back together," a friend tells The Daily Beast. Another friend says Jacqui never expected to be divorced, but hoped for "a reality check" for Peter.

That ended up never happening -- court documents report Jacqui saying, "He wanted to live a 'rock 'n' roll party life' and I would have to decide whether I wanted to stay married to him. His words were, 'It's my way or the highway.'"

The magic of yesterday

I added those links, those videos from my past.
And there is a certain inexorable draw from the past.
Not that my past was happy, far from it.
It was null.
No love, no hugs and kisses.
Movies filled my life as a child. When I was out of school for the summer, I used to stay up all night long and watch the movies of the week.
Ny stations had the Million Dollar Movie, and the like..and I would stay up and be bedazzled by Fred Astaire, Judy Garland, Gene Kelly, and countless faceless and nameless actors is dreadful soap opera westerns about mexico and texas and the history of them both.
The magic drew me out of my life, and made it better for a few magical hrs.
Noone else was awake, just me.
I'd stay up, and watch those movies, regardless of their theme.
But some captured me for life......
Astaire, Kelly, those types.
The beauty and grace of those men, those films.
Katherine god that woman was a fire unto herself.
Cary Grant???? A God to my youthful soul.
All long gone.
And their magic remains...kinda...sorta.
That magic was generated by the showing of their films on tv.
Noone wants to watch those films on tv now.
No color, no blood, no fucking.
Why bother?
Why bother indeed....unless you want to feel magic.

One of my most favorite movie scenes.....

Danny Kaye and Vera Ellen from White Christmas...
The best things , happen when you're dancing....

The sweet past...

Daddy was a WWII vet, I grew up on this stuff....and it was sweet and innocent and awesome.
Don't miss the Andrews Sisters, they were a staple of the War years.

From my childhood

Grew up on Abbott and Costello

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Amen Sistah!!! Kick some ass for me too!!!!

AOL News (May 18) -- An angry young Saudi Arabian woman has left her mark on a religious policeman who approached her for illegally socializing with an unmarried young man.

According to the Saudi daily Okaz, the woman strongly objected to the policeman's interference and repeatedly punched him so hard that he ended up in the hospital with bruises to his face and body.

The couple, believed to be in their 20s, were strolling through an amusement park in the city of Al-Mubarraz when the policeman asked them to confirm their relationship to one another.

Hasan Jamali, AP
In Saudi Arabia, women aren't allowed to drive or to appear in public without a male guardian.For unknown reasons, the man collapsed while being questioned, and the woman jumped in with fists flying, Okaz reported, according to

No statement on the incident has so far been made by the religious police – formally titled the Commission for the Promotion of Virtue and Prevention of Vice – or by the regular police, the Arab site and The Jerusalem Post reported.

If the unidentified woman is charged she could face a long prison term, as well as body lashes.

"To see resistance from a woman means a lot," Wajiha Al-Huwaidar, a Saudi women's rights activist, told The Media Line News Agency, The Post reported.

"People are fed up with these religious police, and now they have to pay the price for the humiliation they put people through for years and years," she was quoted as saying. "This is just the beginning and there will be more resistance."

"The media and the Internet have given people a lot of power and the freedom to express their anger," she added. Whatever the religious police do ends up all over the Internet, she said, which gives them "a horrible reputation and gives people power to react."

Under Saudi law, women are not allowed to drive, be seen in public without a male guardian and socialize with unrelated men.

A decision to open the country's first co-educational university last year was strongly criticized by a senior Saudi cleric, who was then fired by King Abdullah, The Post reported.

A part of my past....The Smothers Brothers....

Smothers Brothers Retire From the Comedy Grind

For decades now they've looked like a couple of squares, with their cardigan sweaters and those tidy haircuts, but it's their sneakily subversive brand of comedy that made the two jokesters from New York City household names. Now, The Smothers Brothers are hanging up their touring shoes for good after more than 50-odd years on the road.

Tommy and Dick Smothers surprised a packed house at Las Vegas' Orleans Showroom on Sunday with the news, telling fans "we're not doing anything new" anymore.

Dick, 70, told the Las Vegas Sun he and his older brother have canceled all future gigs. "I was wondering if it would be emotional," he said, "But that to me was just another day in the office."

Tommy, 73, seconded that non-emotion, telling the Press Democrat (in Santa Rosa, Calif., where he lives) that "I expected to feel more about it than I do."

A day after performing live for the last time, Tommy called himself "a former entertainer," adding, "It's been a good run."

He remarked that it's become too hard for the brothers to keep their material fresh, especially since Dick lives across the country in Florida.

But relevant they remained at their final gig, where the notorious rabble-rousers took a few swipes at Sarah Palin and the Tea Party, along with touching on the immigration issue.

'The Smothers Brothers Comedy Hour' ran briefly, from 1967-1969, but during that time it caused quite a stir with its satire targeting the White House, racism and other social hot button issues. But it was their opposition to the Vietnam War that got them in trouble with CBS, which ultimately canceled the show after a series of conflicts between the brothers and network brass.

During their last live performance over the weekend, the Brothers addressed their struggle with censorship in the song, 'We're Still Here.' Later, a montage video of some of their most legendary musical guests was played. Among them, the literally explosive performance by The Who that led to Pete Townshend's hearing loss.

Too true

My view of what it means to be an American

When I was growing up, it was as the child of parents who were a generation older than that of my contemporaries.
My parents married older, and had different experiences...but they colored my view on life, and I don't think in a bad way.
In their world, being an American meant that you were born here, or you emigrated here and became an American.
It meant you learned the language that was spoken here, and were proud to know it.
It meant you became an American citizen as soon as the law permitted...and proudly told your relatives back in the home country, that you were "an American"
It didn"t mean that driving tests and bank lines gave you the language of your choice. This is the experience I had from a Mom and Grandmother who emigrated here, and did that, and when Nana went home she told everyone know I'm an American.
It didn't mean that you came here and took advantage of everything America offered then criticized that America didn't do enough to make you comfortable.
I hear way too many people here in So Fla talking about how great their Island or country is, and how they will go back there when they retire, after neither thinking of themselves as American nor bothering to become American Citizens.
If I were to emigrate to another nation with another language, I would learn the language.
I would not disrespect the people there by demanding that they adapt to my life and language.
I would learn the language of my new country, and attempt to be one of them.
It offends me, enormously offends me, that people here in So Fla do not make the attempt to learn the language of the country they are leaching off of, and instead expect this country to adapt to them.
Marcs Grandfather and Great Uncle came here to escape Nazi Germany.
They were the only survivors of their family.
They spoke english, and demanded it be spoken in their homes. And the only time they didn't was when they were
Thats MY AMERICA. The home of the free...and shelter for those who had to run and seek shelter from their own homeland.
And I'm a liberal Democrat.....a real left wing liberal.
But I've had enough.
When I have to sit in a room full of colleagues and listen to a foreign language, then I've had enough.
This is The United Fucking States of America Assholes.
My country , the country I grew up in is offended by such flagrant abuse.
As a child my memories are of people from eastern Europe, who escaped Nazi Germany.
They spoke English, and were proud and glad to.
This is my country, and I'm tired of paying taxes to accommodate those who wish to make it a country that caters to separatist issues like biligual education and offering government test like drivers licenses in other languages
I hate it.

Say what????


And how on earth do these lil ones dance like this? Training how many hrs a day?
They are in first grade for Gods Sake...
So how damn many hrs a day are these lil girls training?
And why on earth would the parents let them go in public and perform these overtly sexual dance moves?

La Nina??? El Nino?? What will it do?

La Nina Could Produce Next Big Weather StoryUpdated: 11 hours 38 minutes ago
Paul Yeager

AOL News (May 18) -- All eyes have been on the Gulf of Mexico in recent weeks with the ongoing oil spill, but a change taking place in the Pacific Ocean might become a significant story in the months ahead. A La Nina is showing signs of development, something that could intensify the upcoming Atlantic hurricane season and influence the 2010-11 winter.

According to the latest Climate Prediction Center discussion, some computer models are forecasting that a La Nina will replace the current (weakening) El Nino during the second half of this year.

A La Nina episode is associated with cooler-than-normal sea surface temperatures in the tropical regions of the Pacific. That might seem like something a world (or an ocean) away, but the cooling of the tropical water in the world's largest ocean is often enough to affect global weather patterns.

The influence of a La Nina during the summer months tends to be subtle in terms of temperature and precipitation, However, summers with a La Nina tend to produce a greater number of tropical storms and hurricanes in the Atlantic Basin.

If a La Nina were to develop before the upcoming hurricane season ends, it would add more credence to the consensus among private forecasters that an active Atlantic hurricane season is on the way. The Climate Prediction Center will issue its seasonal forecast on Thursday.

The temperature and precipitation influences of a La Nina are less subtle and, therefore, more predictable during the winter, at least during years when a La Nina is strong.

Climate Prediction Center
During a strong La Nina episode, a northern branch of the jet stream tends to be dominant, resulting in more storms across the northern tier of the country. Precipitation tends to be higher than normal in the Pacific Northwest and parts of the Great Lakes region. The southern tier of the country, including the the Desert Southwest and the Southeast, is often drier than normal. Mild air often spreads over much of the country, riding a strong jet stream from the Pacific, so snowfall is often less than normal in the Northeast.

When a La Nina is more moderate in strength, its influence on the overall weather pattern tends to wax and wane, occasionally exerting an influence on the weather and seemingly disappearing for a time. This opens the door for bouts of cold and the potential for greater snowfall than normal in the Northeast.

It's certainly too early to make any definitive hurricane season or winter forecasts based simply on a La Nina that might develop. It's not too early, though, to talk about the possibilities. In fact, it was about this time last summer that forecasters started to talk about the possible formation of an El Nino, which tends to decrease the number of Atlantic hurricanes and create strong southern storms during the winter -- both of which became major weather stories.

Perhaps it is La Nina that will steal the weather headlines in the coming months.

Hello Faithful

I know I haven't blogged much....good sex and companionship will do that to ya'..

Friday, May 07, 2010

People like this make me sick the Daddy doesn't want the baby taken off life support...not for true heartfelt religious reasons, but so he won't be charged with murder.

AOL News (May 6) -- An Ohio infant suffering from permanent brain damage is hospitalized and on life support, and her teenage parents are locked in a fight over whether to end their daughter's life.

Their discord highlights a surprising gap in state laws and illustrates the fierce divide over end-of-life decisions that have been debated in the privacy of family homes, and the public arena of the courts, for decades.

Jada, the 5-month-old daughter of an unmarried 17-year-old father, John Jones, and her 18-year-old mother, Deja Ruiz, was rushed to a hospital on March 19. Doctors told both parents that full recovery was extremely unlikely. Jada can't open her eyes, is breathing with a ventilator and being sustained with intravenous feeding.

Jones has pursued a court order to prevent his daughter's life support from being removed. The girl's mother, however, thinks her daughter's life has already ended.

The debate is complicated by Jones' legal situation: He could face murder charges if his daughter's life support is removed, because Jada was found to have severe injuries indicative of shaken baby syndrome.

It's a tragic situation that finds few answers in Ohio law. The state doesn't mandate how decisions should be made when parents disagree about end-of-life decisions for their children.

"Thankfully, this issue will only affect a relatively few children," John Saros, executive director of Summit County Children Services, told The Cleveland Plain Dealer. "But when it does affect them, it is of enormous, enormous impact -- and it just cries out for a solution."

Both parents want a resolution, but it could take months to get one. An Ohio judge has decided to hear the case and has ordered an independent investigation.

But things could get messy. Since one parent is a minor and the two were never wed, it's going to be harder for a court to decide on technicalities, like custody, that could sway the sensitive decision.

Jones, because he's a minor, might not even be given a say. Instead, his own legal guardians -- a mother and grandmother -- could be asked to step in.

In 2004, a similar case in the same Ohio county, heard by the same judge, generated national debate. Parents of Aiden Stein, an infant hospitalized with shaken baby syndrome, and whose father was the suspected culprit, tried to prevent a court-appointed guardian from withdrawing life support.

The court sided with the parents, setting a precedent with regard to parent-guardian disputes. In this case, a new precedent for parent versus parent could be established.

"I believe the Stein case made it very clear that biological parents have the right to make this decision," Mary Ellen Leslie, the lawyer for Jada's mother, said. But Leslie has yet to track down a case anywhere in the U.S. that addresses the current disagreement.

Jones was taking care of Jada on the morning of the life-changing incident. He told police she was lifeless when he went to change her diaper. The girl was admitted to the hospital with fractures and extreme brain damage, which are consistent with shaken baby syndrome.

In an added twist, Jada also has a twin sister, Jasmine, who appeared to suffer from old injuries. The troubling finding led police to investigate the incident as one with criminal implications.

Jones has been charged with child endangerment and assault. If Jada dies, Jones could be charged with murder and tried as an adult.

The prospect of a lengthy prison sentence raises questions about Jones' motive for asking the court to keep Jada on life support and draws another parallel between this and the Stein case. Now 6 years old, Aiden Stein still needs a feeding tube and will likely never walk or speak. His own father was convicted of felony assault and child endangerment, and sentenced to eight years in jail.

"My client's position is that based upon what the doctors have told her -- which I have not been privy to -- there is no hope for this child, and as a result, she believes that this child should be allowed to die," Leslie said. "I think she believes that in essence the child is already gone."

But at least one family member wants to eliminate the courts, lawyers and even the parents. Jada's maternal great-grandmother would rather see medical experts make the call.

"We can love her to the day she expires, but why should we take her through all of this pain? The baby is in God's hands. I just don't like seeing her like that," she said in court, as reported by Fox News. "We can do this, but I can't see her laying up there all this time not able to even open her eyes."

No matter the outcome for Jada, two other young lives also hang in the balance. Twin sister Jasmine and a 2-year-old brother are, for now, in the custody of Summit County Children Services.