Wednesday, August 26, 2009

My hero to the rescue

Well...the other night, I saw one of the cats pawing at Fallys back where he was laying on the floor in the family room.
I got up to look, Fally stood up, and I initially thought it was a centipede until it began to move. I said what is this thing, its moving like a snake but its tiny.
DH jumped up and looked, and boy was he excited....he said damn, thats a Worm Snake!!!
God knows how it got into my house....
And granted it was only three inches
Found a pic online. I should have thought to take a pic before he put it outside.

Sorry for not updating sooner!!!!

Ok...I abjectly apologize...but so much has happened...
DH arrived safely...after a long delay as you all know.
My phone rang around 5:30 on thursday morning the 13th of August, and it was him,,he said..guess where I am.
He was in the driveway.
We hugged and kissed in the driveway, he came in the house and its been wonderful ever since.
He has worked like a dog here, cleaning and repairing and doing all kinds of house and yard work.
He and Lil one are getting along fine, and the fur kids love him.
I love him too.
Prayers were answered blog faithful..and I thank anyone who said a prayer or two for us and for his safety on the road.

Saturday, August 08, 2009

God bless Tennessee!!!!!!

Just thought I'd throw that out there.
You guys are the best.
And in a difficult situation, you made my man feel ok...and welcome.
And for that, I will always be grateful to that whole big ole state.
The jerks in the truck that lost the debris...the person in the passenger seat just flipped him I am going to assume that is an aberration in an otherwise wonderfully friendly state.
He's been talked to by strangers, welcomed and given advice and I can tell from his last phone call he is finally relaxing a bit.
Thank you Tennessee.

Need prayers

Ok...heres the 411
DH left his daughters in Kansas City Mo...last night...because he just wanted to be with me.
He didn't want to wait any longer, although he should have to sleep...
So he left..and this morning, I got a call on the house phone.
The answering machine is in the the phone rings, and then I hear his me...
I pick up the phone...he'd already hung up. I called him back immediately on the celly...
A pickup truck on the highway had a load with no tailgate..and a bunch of crap fell off the truck in front of him..including a FUCKING LAWN MOWER FOR PETES SAKE...
He couldn't swerve, there was an 18 he hit a cooler.
A damned plastic cooler.
It bent his radiator...and put him out of commission.
Well thank God..I had added him to my AAA..and he got a tow from them.
The tow truck driver recommended a local Firestone Garage.
His insurance agreed to pay the garage even though its not on their approved list.
He is stuck there until perhaps wednesday...because everything was closed today, and the Firestone place couldn't order his parts until Monday.
So guys, those of you who are my blog faithful..and I know you exist because I see you on my list...

Thursday, August 06, 2009

He's on his way!!!!

Packed, his son moved in to his own apartment, and he is on the road!
Right now he is outside Cheyenne Wyoming..and running thru some really nasty weather.
I am his going online to check weather conditions and locations of truck stops..
Everyone please pray for him...for us..