Thursday, July 30, 2009

Good news...

Well, it may not be good news in a small sense,..not a small sense...I can't really describe the event accurately can I?
I've been praying and specifically praying and petitioning St Jude for a miracle to help in my dire financial straits.
And..well..DH got fired yesterday.
IMHO it was a set up, because he is a teamster..and a number one man on the list..and they knew he was going to retire in three months..
So he got fired on questionable charges.
Looking at it from a where I grew up in Ny and that shit wouldn't happen in a Ny view..I was appalled..
But in the grand scheme of appears that it may have been in response to my constant and daily prayers for help and salvation financially to St Jude.
So my man will be here in a few weeks.
I'm terrified
I'm terrified he will get here and spend time with me and realize I'm worthless.
Thats what I've been led to believe.


I'm getting REALLY pissed off that I simply cannot get music to upload and add back to the blog..
I cannot figure out why it WON'T work...
Damn it all..

Monday, July 20, 2009

Butterfly and Flower

My fire spike..attracts hummers in the cool weather, and certain butterfly species year round.
If you click on the photo, you can see it much larger, thus the butterfly in a larger view as well

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Things that fascinate me..and provide ultimate regret

I have an unfortunate fascination with Quantum mechanics...physics...
But no real mathematical ability to study them.
I have a similar fascination with Astronomy, the speed of light and Quasars...Black holes..and no math ability to understand them at the basic level.
Somehow, I have the ability to hear the theories...and understand them, but without the math I cannot participate. I read Stephen Hawkings a Brief history of Time..and I was in heaven..I UNDERSTOOD...and I couldn't begin to believe that I could participate because I couldn't do the damn MATH.
I have a die hard fascination with Meteorology...
Weather fascinates me to no end..and I realize I don't have the math to help in that field as well.
I have math phobia. I was ruined a teacher named Miss Price...who assigned endless pages of long division and the the point where I hated math beyond reason. I kept saying to my mom..I know how to do it...why does she keep assigning such long endless homework pieces of the same same same....
It was homework for the sake of homework..and God knows it wasn't my fault she was a spinster living with her sister...that she was fat and alone...
But she ruined math for me...prior to her class I scored in the top percent in testing with math.
She ruined math for me...totally ruined it..and I developed the aversion to math that I still have to this day.
I KNOW that math in my fields of envy matter...but I lack the background and basics due to my induced hatred of math.
She ruined math for me....forever.

Ten things I ......

Hate about DH

1: He isn't here in south fla with me
2: He is hotter than me
3: He has a higher IQ than I do
4: I'm trying to think...
5: I'm still trying to think...
6: Oh...ok..he has slutty ho biscuit women trying to seduce him because he has that damned kevorkah
ok...I give up, thats it.

Love about DH
1: He doesn't think I'm fat and repulsive
2: I never have to say or it in yet
3: He brings me coffee in bed..
4: He brings me breakfast in bed
5: He hugs me every chance he gets
6: He doesn't sweat when he sleeps
7: He buys me presents...small little things that are so thoughtful
8: He gave me my first engagement ring..the most gorgeous one I've ever seen
9: He reads voraciously
10: He loves me unconditionally...truly..unconditionally...and we can talk about when anything upsets him or me..and not fight.

All in all...the loves outweighs the

Friday, July 17, 2009

Well ....heres another selfish cow...

IMHO...THIS IS THE HEIGHT of selfishness. She says she up to the challenge..
The challenge? These are children she's talking about, not another degree or job interview.
When a persons selfish desires overcome common sense and simple honestly, they need to be sat down and told the facts.
Whoever is helping this woman needs to have their license revoked.
Read the interview..she made her choices long ago, that her career was the most important thing. And she somehow believes that even with a donated egg...she will have a baby that looks like her??? That she will pass on her genetics???
And she's never had a long term relationship?
Oh dear God in heaven.

At the age of 72, she is old enough to know better.
But it seems Jenny Brown cannot be deflected from her determination to give birth.
Miss Brown, who has never had a long-term relationship, has already spent £30,000 in the United States and Italy trying to conceive and is now prepared to travel abroad again to clinics that still offer IVF treatment to women her age.
Jenny Brown cannot be deflected from her determination to give birth
If she is successful - with what will be her seventh course of IVF - she will become the oldest mother in the world.
Critics point out that she will also be old enough to be the child's great-grandmother.
They also say she could leave any child she had orphaned as an infant.
But Miss Brown replied: 'Any mother can die at any age. Look at Jade Goody.
'I hope to live to 100, but I'll ask one of my younger friends to be a guardian in case.'
She added: 'People ask me how a child would feel having a mum of my age. I hope they'll find it special. I'll tell them I tried for a long time, and how wonderful it was to have them.
'I know it'll be hard work. It'll change my life completely and I'm prepared for that.'

Miss Brown, who lives in a threebedroom flat in London, said she had always wanted a child but spent her younger years devoted to academia, achieving degrees in medical sciences and zoology.
'I'd always had it in the back of my mind that when the time was right I'd like to have a child,' she said.
'But my studies meant that children kept getting delayed. The right time finally came in my early fifties and since then I've been attempting - and failing - with IVF.'
She added: 'I never married. I saw so many friends' marriages fail that I decided to stay single and raise a child myself. I had a few relationships but nothing serious.'
The full interview appears in Closer magazine, out today

After first advertising for a sperm donor 20 years ago, Miss Brown initially tried to have a child using her own eggs, but the attempt failed as doctors said the eggs had deteriorated because of her age.
Since then, using savings and the income she makes from renting out five rooms in a house she owns, Miss Brown has had six IVF treatments, costing around £5,000 each, in Italy and America.
Now she is appealing for women aged between 20 and 35 to come
forward as possible egg donors as she does not want to use a surrogate.
She explained: 'It's important that I carry the baby myself because I believe that even if I get pregnant with a donated egg I will pass genetic material on to the baby while I carry it in the womb.
'I believe the baby will look more like me that way.'
Miss Brown will now apply to have treatment at clinics in Bulgaria, Romania, Spain and India - where a woman of 70 recently became the world's oldest mother of IVF twins. She has ignored criticism from anyone who says her decision is irresponsible, including Patricia Scott, a hospital midwife who said: 'A woman is not meant to get pregnant after the menopause.
'She is at high risk of preeclampsia, miscarriage and diabetes. She also won't have enough energy to care for the child properly and is ultimately being irresponsible.'
Clinical psychologist Dr Funke Baffour added: 'It seems Jenny has set herself the goal of becoming a mum and will never give up on her aim.
'It's impossible to appreciate just how exhausting it can be to give children the care and amusement they need unless you've had children of your own.'
But Miss Brown said: 'I know there are risks, like high blood pressure, but I'll take medical advice and doctors will be able to see if there is anything going wrong with scans.
'I've been criticised by a lot by people who say I'm doing it for my own purposes, or that I want to relive my childhood.
'Others say the child won't like the fact its friends' mothers will be a lot younger. The possible objections are endless - but really it's just unusual and people don't like unusual things.'
She added: 'I have babysat young children and been with friends who have babies and I know it's hard work, but I get on very well with children.
'I'm aware you are often up all night with a crying baby and I am up for that. I like a challenge.'

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

I KNEW IT!!!!!

Incredibly selfish old fucking cow bitch.
Sorry, but I'm adamant about this.
I was the child of older parents, and my dad wasn't this old...but he was in his mid forties when I was born...and he was debilitated when I was a mid teen...and dead while I was still a single young woman.
Someone who does something like this is incredibly selfish, self serving and not thinking of the welfare of the children.
So here are babies, parentless because she was a single liar who got inseminated way past the age of normal child bearing.
This infuriates me beyond reason. I remember when the story broke about her pregnancy and delivery. Selfish bitch..
God forgive me...SELFISH BITCH
ANYONE who does the same..gets artificial help to have babies at an advanced age is a selfish self serving idjit.
With no concern about the future of the children that come about from the ill conceived pregnancies.
What are these women thinking?

Oldest New Mom Dies, Leaves TwinsBy DANIEL WOOLLS, AP
posted: 5 HOURS 51 MINUTES AGOcomments: 699filed under: Health News, World NewsWith HP wireless printers, you could have printed this from any room in the house. Live wirelessly. Print wirelessly.
PrintShareText SizeAAAMADRID (July 15) -- A Spanish woman who deceived a U.S. fertility clinic about her age and become the oldest woman to give birth has died at 69, leaving behind 2-year-old twins, newspapers reported Wednesday.
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News International / ZUMA Press
Maria del Carmen Bousada, the oldest woman to give birth, died at age 69, leaving behind 2-year-old twins.
Skip over this content Maria del Carmen Bousada gave birth in December 2006 after telling a clinic in Los Angeles that she was 55, the facility's maximum age for single women receiving in-vitro fertilization. Guinness World Records said the 66-year-old was the oldest on record to give birth and the case ignited fierce debate over how much responsibility fertility clinics have over their patients.
Bousada told an interviewer at the time that the Pacific Fertility Center did not ask her for identification, and maintained that because her mother had died at 101, she stood a good chance of living long enough to raise her children.
Dr. Vicken Sahakian, director and owner of the clinic, said Bousada falsified her birth date on documents from Spain.
When he learned of the deception, "I figured something might happen and wind up being a disaster for these kids, and unfortunately I was right," he said.
It's easy for women to lie to their doctors, he said.
"We don't ask for passports, obviously," Sahakian said. "When is the last time you went to a doctor and he asked you for a birth certificate? We're not detectives here."
Bousada's brother told the local newspaper Diario de Cadiz that she had died but he did not disclose the cause. The newspaper said, without citing a source, that Bousada had been diagnosed with a tumor shortly after giving birth.
Sahakian said he implanted the Spanish woman with a younger woman's eggs and donated sperm, using hormones to "rejuvenate" her uterus with hormone therapy after she had been in menopause for 18 years.
The hormone treatment lasted three weeks. Sahakian said he did not believe that increased the woman's cancer risk.
"Nothing she did (to get pregnant) caused her illness," he said.
The brother, Ricardo Bousada, told the Barcelona-based newspaper El Periodico de Catalunya that he had exclusively sold details of his sister's death to an unidentified television program and that the proceeds would go to looking after his sister's twin boys, Pau and Christian.
Repeated calls by The Associated Press to Ricardo Bousada's residence in the southern province of Cadiz went unanswered. A woman who answered the phone at a number listed for another brother, Jose Luis Bousada, declined to comment. Her death was also reported by the national newspapers El Mundo
There was no word on who would raise the twins. Bousada had once said she would look for a younger man to help her raise them.
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Amazing BirthsMark Richards, Daily Mail / ZUMA22 photos Lindsay Hasaj, who has two sets of reproductive systems, surprises doctors and the medical world by giving birth to a healthy baby girl with husband Tony by her side in London.(Note: Please disable your pop-up blocker)

Bousada lived with her mother most of her life in Cadiz and worked in a department store before retiring. She decided to have children after her mother died in 2005 and initially kept her plan secret from her family, she told reporters.
She told the British tabloid News of the World that she sold her house to raise $59,000 to pay for the in-vitro fertilization.
"I think everyone should become a mother at the right time for them," Bousada told the paper. "Often circumstances put you between a rock and a hard place, and maybe things shouldn't have been done in the way they were done, but that was the only way to achieve the thing I had always dreamed of, and I did it," she said.
Spanish law on assisted reproduction sets no age limit, but state-funded and private clinics that offer the procedure set the ceiling at age 50 in an informal agreement based on recommendations from the scientific community, according to the Health Ministry.
There is no U.S. law limiting the age at which women can receive in vitro fertilization but Sahakian said he generally limits it to 55 or 56 because "I would like the mother ... to basically survive until the kids reach 18."
When Bousada finally told her relatives she was two months pregnant, they thought she was joking, she said.
"Yes, I am old of course, but if I live as long as my mom did, imagine, I could even have grandchildren," she told the News of the World.
Allan Pacey, secretary of the British Fertility Society, said the organization recommends that assisted conception generally not be provided to women beyond the natural age of menopause at about 50.
"The rationale for all that is that nature didn't design women to have assisted conception beyond the age of the natural menopause...once you get into the mid-50s, I think nature is trying to tell us something," Pacey told The AP.
He added: "I think many people would worry about providing fertility treatment to women in their 60s. I think as a general rule, to embark on pregnancy when you may not see your child go to university is potentially a very difficult situation."
Adriana Iliescu, a Romanian who in 2005 also gave birth at 66, although she was 130 days younger than Bousada, said she was pained to hear of her death and what it meant for her sons.
"It is a great sadness when kids are orphans but civil society will help these children," she told The AP.
She described her little daughter Eliza as "very energetic and spoiled. We dance and sing together."
"I don't feel I am getting old. My pregnancy kept me young," Iliescu said.
AP correspondents Maria Cheng in London, Alison Mutler in Bucharest, and Jorge Sainz and Paul Haven in Madrid contributed to this report.

Monday, July 06, 2009

A blast from the proverbial past..

Cheap Trick...excellent group...they were big when I was a youngun...but not mainstream..This clip is from their huge hit album Live at Budokon...
Listen and enjoy


Live Mott the the Freddie Mercury Bene concert...I'm finding the coolest stuff while surfing....

Yet another video from Live Aid

This is too cool...a rehearsal...and at the tail end you see David Bowie watching..rocking...and applauding George Michael...

Sunday, July 05, 2009

This is interesting

Queen win greatest live gig poll
Queen's iconic performance at Live Aid in July 1985 has been named the world's greatest rock gig in an industry poll.
Jimi Hendrix's appearance at Woodstock in August 1969 came second, followed by the Sex Pistols' concert at Manchester Free Trade Hall in June 1976.

Radiohead's 1997 Glastonbury appearance is the most recent entry in the Top 10.

More than 60 artists, journalists and music industry executives contributed to the survey, featured in a Channel 4 special to be screened this week.

The judges lauded Queen's "show-stealing performance" at the Live Aid concert in Wembley Stadium, where singer Freddie Mercury had 75,000 people clapping in unison to Radio Ga-Ga.

Other artists in the rundown include Bob Dylan, David Bowie, Bob Marley and Oasis.

The selected concerts also feature Nirvana's last-ever UK appearance at the 1992 Reading Festival, Brian Wilson's Smile concert at London's Royal Festival Hall in February 2004, and the Rolling Stones' free gig in Hyde Park in May 1969 - held two days after the death of the band's guitarist, Brian Jones.

The World's Greatest Gigs can be seen on Wednesday at 2305 GMT.

Story from BBC NEWS:

Published: 2005/11/09 08:57:07 GMT


My favorite things...


Let me share this with the ladies....its an awesome and wonderful thing to NEVER have to say ( aloud or silently to yourself) ......IS IT IN YET?

I effin give up

I've tried a gazillion things to fix my player..and NO MUSIC PLAYS AND I CAN'T FIGGER OUT WHY....
So for music on my blog...and that SUCKS..
Music is me in so many ways...and I love to add things for my faithful to listen to.
Sorry guys..I'll work on it..
Damn...this sucks the BIG ONE..

Our bed in Utah

Saturday, July 04, 2009

Computer crash and other stuff

Well the day I got back, my puter crashed BIG TIME...
I tried everything to fix it...nada...
So I did what so many fear...I wiped the hard drive, reformatted and reinstalled.
My only big road block was the fact that Dell apparently hadn't sent me a disc with the drivers to get me back online...
No worries.
Lil one and her BF went online ...downloaded the necessary files and put them on a thumb drive...put them on my puter and installed them.
BINGO....internet access.
Bastards at Dell..want you to call and order a disc for those files...
I am savvy enough about formatting etc because my first puter had Windows ME...what a nightmare that was...I had to wipe and reformat and reinstall about every six months with that I'm an old hand.

Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Back in SoFla

DH once again was able to come to the gate with me...thank God.
We got there too early, he thought my flight was at 1120 not 1220...we stopped and had a beer, its our routine now :-}
Went and had a smoke in the smokers lounge, then to the gate. I kept looking back as I went down the ramp, he was there...waving....
The flight to Vegas was fine, the layover was ENDLESS...and the flight from Vegas to Lauderdale was icky.
I sat next to a very slender man who managed to take up enough room for two..and somehow managed to doze most of the first two hrs or so.
By the time we about an hr from Lauderdale I was getting so ANNOYED...and people during this flight had to use the restroom more than any other flight I've EVER been on...and finally I called the attendant and said HOW LONG...she said about 35 minutes..I said, I'd like a bloody mary please...she said...ummm...sure, but if you haven't finished it I'll have to take whats left when they say clean up.
I mentally chortled and problem..WHATS LEFT?
Honey, I sucked that bad boy down, and was much more relaxed within fifteen lol..
When we landed, I was surprised and happy to see Lil one and her Honey waiting for me outside security.
I gave them both big hugs, and welcomed the blasting AC..the pilot was also a bastard with the AC on the flight. The flight was packed, and hot..even another passenger by me complained.
Got home, called DH ( poor baby waited up for me to call, and he had to be in by 3am)
Showered, bed...TV for about ten mins then out like a light.
I slept basic like till about 1230
And Marc? He didn't sleep at all...
I wish I could give him a share of my ability to sleep. Sleep is my escape, and I utilize it way too often. But this time it was jet lag and lack of sleep myself the night before.
He had to be to work at 3am, so I got up with him, made him coffee for his thermos as I did the entire time I was there, and then sat up playing cards and reading online.
Fell back asleep around 6, then he came home and snuck around, made me breakfast in bed for the second time.
Eggs and toast..
The first time it was an egg sandwich and coffee..
God I love that man.
And I don't know when I'll be able to see him again.
Money is so tight..
Back home here, its like a dream.

Music player

Still not working....don't have a clue why