Sunday, September 30, 2007

Wicked weather

During the night, around 3am I awoke to thunder and torrential rain..
Lil one was up..said she couldn't sleep..
This continued for several hrs with numerous lightning flashes and thunder..till at one point, I distinctly heard a thrumming sound, a brilliant flash of light and an explosive sound..the power went out for a split second and man, it scared the **it out of me..
I jumped out of bed and looked for my crystal that my man sent me for protection against weather....and oddly found it on the floor next to my bed...
Hopped back in bed..put the weather on tv briefly to find out what the hell was happening..
I was able to fall back asleep thank god..

Saturday, September 29, 2007

Scarecrow's dream

Was just looking at my two..and this Fogelberg song started playing in my head...
From the album "Nether Lands" of my favorite can listen to any time albums.

Scarecrows Dream
Seldom seen
A scarecrow's dream
I hang in the hopes of replacement
Castles tall
I built them all
But I dream that I'm trapped in
the basement.

And if you ever hear me calling out
And if you've been by paupers crowned
Between the worlds of men and
I can be found.

Plans I've made
A masquerade
Fading in fear of the coming day
Heroes' tales
Like nightingales
Wrestle the wind as they run away.

And if you ever hear them calling out
And if you've been by paupers crowned
Between the worlds of men and make-
I can be found.

Garden gate
An empty plate
Waiting for someone to come and fill
Scarecrow's dreams
Like frozen streams
Thirst for the thaw
But they're running still.

And if you ever hear them calling out
And if you've been by paupers crowned
Between the worlds of men and
I can be found.

Mt Washington Observatory

I've mentioned this spot before...its a fascinating site, home of the most extreme weather on our planet..
Wind chill right now makes it feel like 15 degrees!!!!
check it out..

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

OOOhhhh the sounds my tummy makes....

When I've worked hard all day and finally ate...It was my own lentil and black bean soup with chicken diced up in it..
Holy cow....its a rumble fest..that is one happy tummy..
I went to walmart..bought all fresh cleaning supplies..including a new swiffer wet jet ( i've killed three) and scrubby brushes..
I vacuumed, cleaned the fish tanks..cleaned my bathroom and vanities..and laid a new carpet in my bedroom next to the bed. Ignore the unmade bed please..:-)
Also put one down for the boys...THEY LOVE IT..cause they are skeered of the tile Home Depot for their rug..only 21$
New shower curtain and liner, with new bathmats. Couldn't really afford it, but its what I do when I need a face lift...
It looks lovely. The shower curtain is fishes and dolphins...with the mats a deep gray..the shower liner is a lovely blue too..
Here are the photos of my changes..aren't my boys cute?

Lake Okeechobee

Todays level, 9.81 inches..
which is approx 4 feet lower than the norm for this time of year.

A family of scarecrows live here

Determined to be in the holiday spirit this year,,ahead of time and not five mins either.
Ex moved out shortly after Halloween ( well exactly six days later if anyone is keeping count) and the rest was sort of knee jerk decoration.
This year I want to be festive again. I'll be here with my girl, and my family has told me in no uncertain terms that I am persona non its me, the lil one and my two furries ...
Plus Jeffrey of course :-)
Here is me and lil one

Sunny Florida???

Not lately, which is oookeey dokey with me..
We needed the rain, badly
This is across the street...a west view..

We didn't go to Nicks...

We went to Mineos instead..

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Thinking of Nicks Bar

Haven't been there since ex left...I've been thinking how we used to love to go to the beach for lunch..
I may just go there with lil one ..or my Bff

Lil one update

When she woke this a.m. fever 102.8
Back to sleep with ibuprofen..
I stayed in bed with her...when we woke again at 1230 I reached out to touch her was cool and damp...
thank god....fever broke
When she took her was finally under 100
No matter how long I've been in healthcare, and no matter how long you are a parent, being alone, bearing the brunt with a sick child is so terrifying when they are that sick..and you feel so helpless

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Lil one is sick

Had her to drs this a.m.
fever..aches all over...sore a flu almost...
we got home..she took a nap..
I was out getting stuff at publix...and she called me and said mom I can't stop shaking..
Her temp was 103, and she was now complaining of headache and neck pain
I panicked..
Off to the drs again, where he thoroughly examined the range of motion of her was normal..
Just a real ass kicking virus
But for a bit..I sat there in the drs office and felt so abysmally alone. No family, noone to be with me.
I was biting back the tears...
Got her home, and tucked into bed. And again, she wants to sleep with me tonite..
I am so tired of bearing everything alone. Its tough as hell. Even when I was with ex..I still felt alone so this is nothing new.

I have started cooking again

Haven't really cooked in a long long long time..
I am a very basic and simple cook. Suddenly I am discovering that I am really tired of pre-packaged foods..
Lil one is sick, so we stopped at Publix and picked up some stuff for her, and I bought lentils, black beans and college inn organic broth. I also got some packaged diced ham to add. I'm making lentil black bean and ham soup...first time I've made soup in years..Its all in the crock pot right now...slow cooking.
I then sauteed some chicken diced up, in olive oil, tiger sauce and hot sauce,,just a dash..
I steamed whole green beans and when they were done, added butter and parmesian cheese...when that melted I added the beans to the pan and simmered them together.
Easy, tasty as hell..and I didn't burn the kitchen down.
GO ME!!!

Some pics from my garden today

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Can't get warm

And usually I have the opposite trouble these days..
Aching and sore still...and cold..
no fever....
Its pouring outside of those tropical showers where the sun and blue sky are there as well..


If you want to see approx how big that bush was... I finally found a pic of it.


Well I worked yesterday, and discovered blooming bruises on my hand and arms..
Was a bit sore...
worked hard..and rough day transporting patients etc.
When I got home from work, I showered and sat down to watch a little t.v and was sooooo sleepy. I was in bed by 10 and fell asleep with the tv on.
When I awoke this morning to drive the kids to school, I was so stiff and sore ..not funny at all.
I drove them, came home and had something to eat..again not my norm, I never get hungry early in the day..
at that point I gave it up, and went back to bed..where I slept until approx 1430.
Ok..that is 8hrs last night, then back to sleep around 0930..whereupon I slept approx another 5hrs.
I am still exhausted, sore and numb..rather disturbing..
Maybe I am fighting off a virus or something..

Sunday, September 16, 2007

Overdid it..but yardwork was done...

Tomorrow is bulk pickup, and I have missed the last two because I worked. So today, I went out at the very worse time..afternoon...and hacked down the Popcorn Bush, trimmed the front yard.
You can clearly see the brown grass under where the bush spread. It was HUGE..
Here are pre trim and post trim pics. I actually had to use the pruning saw, and I am not used to doing that, ex always did that stuff.
But I did it..
I overdid it tho, I almost threw up..and now I'm having back spasm..getting old SUCKS.
The pre pic of the popcorn is the only one I could was three times the size you see here...and reached the roof of the house
The pile of trimmings?? waist high..It was shoulder high but wilted...LOL.

Friday, September 14, 2007

The accidental tomato plant

Is flowering like crazy..

Got a lovely wake up call

From my man..who is on the road to Arizona delivering some trucks.
Upset tummy and Lil one being a major beeyotch has made this morning rough....
But I feel better now..dropped her off at the mall...did a bit of food shopping and had some Publix roasty chicken..bought some food for work etc..
Got everything put some smutty Spuffy
Lawn service was here today...I love a freshly mowed lawn..
This is my new yellow Mandevillea..Her name is Terri..planted for my cousin who is fighting stage 4 metastatic breast cancer. She is right next to Claire, the white vine I planted for my friend who is fighting Non Hodgkins Lymphoma.
That vine survived a stripping from Wilma..and I swear as long as its Claire will be too.
I hope the new vine does the same miracle for Terri

Monday, September 10, 2007

Now this truck is finally in my name

I will always be grateful he did all the work getting this truck bought, but it was only cause he got to go out and play with his friend
Title now in my well as a new tag and insurance

My very dirty feet after a hard days yard work

They look dreadful don't they???

Tomato plant

Growing all by itself...
where a rotten tomato was tossed into the pot. I had pulled the bad tomato off the plant months ago..and heres the seeded in this pot and is growing beautifully

Friday, September 07, 2007

Jeffrey update

He is quite lively this morning...and defending the log in the
When I went into the kitchen this morning, I didn't see him until I turned on the lights...his lil head popped out of the log..
What a character he is turning out to be

Thursday, September 06, 2007

Fond farewell to Myoshi Umeki

I remember her very clearly as Mrs Livingston on the late sixties series "The courtship of eddies father"
I also adored her in Flower Drum Song....
She died of cancer at the age of 78
Farewell and God bless you Mrs Livingston

Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Say hello to Jeffrey

He is a gorgeous Betta just moved in to the six gallon tank with two green corys.
Yes his name is Jeffrey..why?? cause I asked him and he told me his name!!

Monday, September 03, 2007

Sunset tonite

They have been spectacular this last week.
I've not been able to capture much...but tonite I got this

Saturday, September 01, 2007

Check out my new virtual pet...

Chiquita..she will jump for snacks..and play with the bebo ball...
Courtesy as usual of Rhapsodys lovely blog..
Look down below....
As for the rest of my was awful..just an emotional rollercoaster than crashed and burned..
And work...trouble again...
I've done over half my life in hospital work, have two superior evals in the system..and still I get counseled..

TS Felix

Looks like the Yucatan is going to get it again..