Sunday, January 15, 2006

Think of Laura

OMG this site brought back so many memories..
They were the best...hands down...absolutely the best daytime couple. I have a VHs tape of their best moments I haven't yet watched..because....I don't know why.
But their love was timeless...passion...meant to be..
Karma..fate...all the beautiful things that love should be..and isn't for most of us..
Passion..I crave it myself..
I search still, because my love still puts limits on me..still makes love conditional..and are the epitome of unconditional...thats what i crave. unconditional love for my outspoken, vastly intelligent and questioning bitchy self..
lol..omg....there it is out in the blogggy world..

Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Spike and Buffy

I wish the show had gone on....fulfilled the relationship..
I absolutely worship them in the memory of Luke and Laura..(only with fangs)

Friday, January 06, 2006

Praise God from whom all blessings flow...

I was beside myself. Leaving the "supposed" Drs office. The office that callously told me that moms dr wasn't there, so go to the E.R
Crying, I went to pick her up...took her BACK to the hospital where yet another dr saw her. However, this dr...he saw something the others didn't..a potential compression fx of the spine.
This galvanized me, I called my BFF...who gladly gave me the number of her own orthopedic dr. Calling the office led me to a wonderful experience today, of caring, prompt professionalism.
Mom was treated gently and humorously, and yes indeed confirmed to have a compression fx. Further tests were ordered, but only to help them further treat her. more importantly the Dr said ....................
OF COURSE he would not only treat her pain, but give her something STRONG enough to help. I prayed, God led me to my tropical BFF..who is going thru her own pain ( house literally destroyed by Wilma)
God is good.
Praise him all creatures here below
Praise him above ye heavenly hosts..
Praise father son and Holy Ghost

Sunshine..on my shoulders......

Makes me happy.....
Look at my Sunshine..I hope she survives the night ok..We have, believe it or not, a winter weather advisory. Windchill factors may be about 35 degrees here tonite, which for us tropicaaaals is COLD..
I was wearing sweats all day here with a temp of sixtys...that to me, now, is BRRRRRRR....
Anyway, isn't me rose luverly?

Monday, January 02, 2006

Club Pogo

Is a great online game site. I just had to join for real ( boo hooo!!) because AOL members will no longer get free access...But I go thru periodic phases of game playing, especially TriPeaks Solitaire .

Trixie Belden

Was and still is my favorite mystery solver.
I still wish I lived at Crabapple farm in Sleepyside-on-Hudson and had the adventures, family and friends she had.
This is the link to the most complete site on Trixie and company.
Bob White!!!!!! Home Page

My Brug this a.m

As I said, it was covered with flowers ready to bloom...and here are several of them this a.m.
This is Adora, it sits next to Dr Seuss and Miss Ann.
The good Dr has not bloomed yet, and Miss Ann is about to..
They have been battered to hell and back this year, so this abundance of beauty in the New Year is a real gift.

My Rose, My Holiday Cactus

As you can see, my rose is growing fast! This pic of the cactus is all three together, three different shades..They grow on my patio where they live year round getting lots of indirect light.

Sunday, January 01, 2006

Another officer added to the mix

Friday...Sgt Joe Friday....
Rhapsody was waxing eloquent about Columbo, John Denver and other folks over at bleu clair rhapsody et la symphonie de [crickets]
Join Rhapsody as she extols the Rangers...(YEAH!) and somebody named Chesterton.

Brugmansia or....

The Angels Trumpet ...
This is not my plant...I will take pics of mine tomorrow...but this is the parent plant of mine.. has a lovely fragrance and is one of five varieties I have added to my yard.
Mine is currently covered in flowers about to bloom, so I will take a pics of mine tomorrow if one of the flowers is optimal. Delicate fragrance and lovely color...they are an awesome sight when in full bloom.. Speaking of blooms, I am monitoring my rosebush is sooooo ready to bloom!
As for the Brug..the flower itself is the size of a large wine glass..

Chock full o'nuts

Is that heavenly coffee...heavenly coffee....heavenly coffee....Chock full o' nuts is that heavenly coffee...better coffee a millionaires money can't buy...
I still adore my coffee....altho I actually prefer Folgers Gourmet Supreme these days

She woke me up and took me by the hand

We made love in my Chevy Van and that's alright with me....
Remember this song Rhapsody? Getalife?
Somewhere I think I still have the album.