Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Heres my poinsettia

Remember me saying I had planted one last january? It is green all year till now, as you can see it is flowering red..
Wilma really gave it quite a beating, but its rallied nicely

Japanese food

Is my very favorite when I eat out. Dh introduced me to this style of food. I started with cooked and gradually moved over to Raw..
I love sushi and sashimi..

Red Square in Moscow

Who could ever imagine this would be allowed. As children we did drills for bombs...out in the hallway hands over our heads, or under the desks..
Yes indeedy, that would have been a very final undignified position to be caught in as you were vaporized...
But..this is Moscow today...lovely

Tuesday, November 29, 2005

If you can bear to visit this site

Save a life, Adopt a rescued Greyhound

This is my Falcon. He's the youngest and the biggest..can you get an idea how tall he is?

He is the most playful and loving..He had a broken hock ( rear leg) I don't know how it was broken. Many greyhounds are abused, and live the bulk of their track lives in crates where they are released periodically only to eat and relieve themselves. I rescued him from a wonderful place, where I also got my Pretty boy and my Jackson. ( who is my permanent foster child)

They have a lil girl there who is half sister to my Fally and Boy ( who are half brothers which we discovered after we adopted them) She has a severe heart condition and would be a difficult adoption. Thats why we have Jack, he has severe arthritis which destroyed one hip. He takes meds every day, and has an...shall I say ..interesting personality likely due to his chronic pain and perhaps abuse..We were thinking; is four any more work than three? They are gentle, loving couch potatoes who only need a short walk or romp and spend most of their time sleeping.

STOP GREYHOUND RACING....!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Rhapsodys sunrise inspired me

To share one of mine
I took this picture over the lake in back of my house..

Monday, November 28, 2005

My sisters doggies

They are Italian Greyhounds. The miniature version of my
They are mother and son...and they were adopted together.
He is Rambo...she is Fargo..
they adore each other and sleep in this bed when they aren't running, playing and sleeping with my niece.
They also swim in the pool quite well


From the handy dandy Home Depot
After new years I'll plant them in the back next to the regular dark red one I planted last year ( which is blooming may I say very red and very nicely)

My Burger King

This is my local B.K.
When I was living in the hotel, and my lil one was living with my sister, I used to pick her up from school and spend a lil quality time here with her
The have huge hurricane shutters they put up..
Like the palms? I was on line for my king size diet coke.

Sunday, November 27, 2005

The snake bird A.K.A. The Anhinga

They fish by swimming under water, periodically putting their heads up (ergo looking like a snake)..
The nickname of snakebird....apropo...
When they come out of the water, they need to spread their wings and allow them to dry before they are able to fly.
I often see them in my lake.

My patio

Now that the weather is cooling it is lovely to sit outside and watch the heron fish in the lake...The occasional osprey take a bath at the lakes edge..A snake bird swim across, under then stand on the edge wings outspread, waiting to dry..
I always dreamed of a patio like this, with a view like this..

My sisters patio

This picture was taken the day after Thanksgiving. Her christmas tree is behind me as well as her "village" , a collection of lited houses. it is a lovely christmas town..
Imagine thanksgiving with all the doors open
Spending the holidays in the tropics still amazes me. The smells, the colors, the entire feel of it changes.
I have multicolor rope lights on my patio all year round if we sit outside it feels like the holidays.when the whole string is lit, you need no other lights to sit out at night with your own self or someone else

Friday, November 25, 2005

In God we trust....All others pay cash

The glow of electric sex..

Burrowing Owls..

This one is right in front of my local Publix Supermarket. They are all over here, and you may indeed find one burrowing in your back yard. ( neighbors around the corner have a burrow in their yard )
They are a protected species...federally protected...and cute as hell when the babies hatch and start coming out to sit on the edge of the Burrow.. They can stop construction if discovered..
This must be daddy..

Can you also see the christmas trees up against the store???? My sister got hers here. We have a fake one that looks SO

Here are some of my butterfly plants

Gold mound lantana, scarlet milkweed..they are side by side. The milkweed just grew back from the last cut back. Monarchs and queens come to the milkweed especially

Thursday, November 24, 2005

The state butterfly

this is the state butterfly of florida.
I see many many,,,altho since Wilma..not so many.
They feed and breed on plants that I have deliberately planted on my property. My first year here, they fluttered around me like a delicate cloud...I've never seen Butterflies like I've seen here in the tropics...
God is good

Holiday Cactus...

They are beginning to bud. I will take a pic of them in full bloom.
On my patio, they get indirect light...and they THRIVE..
My goodness...gardening in NY was a nightmare, frustrating because of woodchucks, name it. thrives...grows...makes it easy for you.

Happy Thanksgiving

I hope everyone enjoys the day. I am working and will celebrate at my sisters tomorrow instead...
Its a day to count your blessings, and be thankful...So even if you are in a bad time of your life, try to stop and see something, anything positive.
It helps, believe me.

Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Bamboo and coconut wind chime

Hand made and decorated with gekko' favorite florida friend..
This is on my patio and makes the most wonderful bambooey sound when the wind blows...

The Orchid Tree

There are actually three...can you see the basic outline of the one in the middle? The one on the left has been blooming for over a month ( see my prior blog post)
The other two are babies...and I've potted them in bark, moss and in a wooden box..
They grow fantastically in this, and enjoy the breeze on their leaves...

Tuesday, November 22, 2005

St Jude

And when you get the choice , to sit it out or dance...
I hope you dance....I hope you dance.....
don't leave till tomorrow what you can do today....don't live a life of what if...don't look back and say...I wish...
St Jude is the bomb...he understands lost causes...and lost souls...I feel it...


This is the breed that honors my house..
My visit to Butterfly world has enhanced my desire to recreate more flowers for my jeweled friends.
I am also going to add a butterfly feeder to my yard..quite simple...
A tray filled with fruit...the more rotten the better

Monday, November 21, 2005

Butterfly World

We went there today for the first time in about four years....I bought seeds for the passion flower ( a food source for the caterpillars) to add to the two I already have.
I also got the Sensitive plant which closes when you touch it..and also blooms with powder puff flowers..
They have an aviary, where you walk amongst the hitched a ride on my ankle for more than ten minutes.
There are two hummingbird aviarys where they chitter and zoom and eat right by you...fearless and lovely.. is awesome in the tropics..especially when you come home to your own hummingbirds and butterflies..
Hint..they had butterfly feeders that were simple trays with bananas cut in half...fruit side up..
How easy is that?

Sunday, November 20, 2005

Saturday, November 19, 2005

Some other hurricane basic supplies

We have plenty of coffee now, canned chile, ramen soup, good ole chef B and of course, some vino.
Out in the garage rests my ten cases of water, newly restocked with my lil' patio fridge stocked as well, mich ultra and yuengling lager for dh..
As Spongebob would say..."I'M READY"

Popcorn bush

A fascinating plant, in that the yellow flowers look like popcorn kernels before they open, the leaves close at night, actually fold themselves in..and last but not least the foliage itself smells strongly of buttered popcorn. A recent addition to my yard, to attract different butterflies.

Friday, November 18, 2005

The Boys

Water supplies ( and TP LOL)

Never underestimate how much water you need after a storm. We had this supply plus three 2 gallon jugs. Reason? Two adults, one pre teen and three,,,yes three retired/rescue greyhounds.( We forgot to fill the bathtubs, and when we lost our water for two days needed to use lake water to flush the toilets.)
You'd be amazed how much water you use for three greyhounds that weigh an average of 85 lbs each..
Between drinking water and the water I put on their dry kibble..ITS A LOT.
So ten cases is not too much.
Plus, coffee was in short supply after Wilma..surprised? It seems the main Folgers factory is centered in New stock up on coffee as well my friends.

Gamma threatens

We are weary and horrified to see this track. this is the same exact track Wilma took over us. Instead of a relaxing weekend away in the keys, we will be prepping tomorrow for the storm. We will buy gas for the generator, and restock the water supplies.
My plants are just beginning to come back to life, I can't bear to lose them. After the multiple assaults of Katrina and then the thrashing of Wilma, I don't know if they will live to tell any tales.
Stay tuned!!!

Wilmas wind whipping the lake and palms

There were actual waves on our lake, and our poor palms..they took a real beating..
But true to most tropical creatures, they are resilient and look fine again..mostly

Thursday, November 17, 2005

Hurricane shutters

shown here on our patio/screenroom. we had one of the few screen rooms that was not damaged during Wilma.
Altho a few roof tiles came off and put small holes in the roof at the far end.
despite the shutters, the glass sliders on the patio were actually "bowing" in and out from the force of the wind..

Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Our generator

The object that saved our food, our frozen goods ...allowed us to have hot coffee...saved our sanity.
With this we had t.v. ( direct tv via satellite) several lights and small other comforts like my puter..
Heaven bless the inventor of the generator


Grow quite easily here, with little attention needed. I recently replanted this one in fresh bark and a larger box and here is the result. It blooms once a year, but for several weeks at a time.

Monday, November 14, 2005

My pineapple plant

Her name is Chiquita...and her appearance is very battered, but the fruit survived...
Home grown from a pineapple crown
Isn't it awesome?

Sunday, November 13, 2005

But life goes on in the tropics..

The wondrous renewal of life here is a constant presence...of God and mother earth...
Witness our resident Hummingbird, Kimchee..who arrived after Wilma and has stayed to grace my yard.

Hurricane Wilma

Is far from a distant memory